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Upcoming Projects – Stay Tuned!

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Crazy days continue!  I’ve been working hard on The Mummies of Blogspace 9, and I’m thinking about serializing it in this blog –a chapter a week.  At least it will keep me honest.  But other than that, here are some other projects in the works:

1) If you’ve been waiting for the definitive Jewish vampire novel, your wait is almost over. Coming soon — “Mellman: Mohel to the Damned”

2) If you thought all tugboat pilots were gay, my new book “Tugged” is going to be an eye-opener. If you didn’t think that, then not so much.

3) What happens when you send two cosmonauts, a case of Polish vodka, Doritos, and a two-ton shark into space? Find out soon in “Shark Orbit.”

4) In my upcoming book “Batteries, Q-Tips, and Box Wine” I’ll reveal the three most important things to stock up on in case of emergency.

5) In “Cheney: My Life in Crime” I’ll profile the felon Ludwig Cheney, one of the most prolific pickpockets in the history of Muncie, IN.

6) In my new memoir “Too Many Nachos” I’ll reveal the leading cause of gastrointestinal distress in my children over the weekend. Don’t miss!

7) What happens when a remnant Miocene ape starts seranading tourists in an Italian rowboat? Check out “A Sasquatch in Venice” to find out.

8) In my upcoming biography – Trump: the Makings of Empire – I trace businessman Nestor Trump’s rise from stockboy to newsstand owner.

9) Need something for the kids? We’re just months away from the release of my new kids’ book “Pirate Train” All aboard, yar! Dinosaurs too!

10) What does an aging prostitute with a heart of gold have in common with a teenage Korean werewolf? I have no friggin story ideas. Help!


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October 6, 2011 at 6:53 pm

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  1. funny sick dude


    October 6, 2011 at 8:50 pm

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