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The Mummies of Blogspace9: Chapter Twenty-Two

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June 28, 2011
Magdalena de Paz, Peru
Samples       http://www.greatbigLeon.blogspace9.ex

Is anybody reading this?  If so, can you please send the police, a team of doctors, an exorcist, and an assload of rum?  I don’t know how else we’re going to get through this.  But then again, nobody other than us is reading this, I can see that now.  The hit counter reads 943,094 visitors, but that’s bogus.  I need to speak to Lane – I have some questions about blogspace9.  Who exactly is funding this project?

We didn’t have power yesterday, so I wasn’t able to get back online until this morning.  That’s when I saw Kim’s post.  If I knew she was going to go inside the pyramid, I’d have gone after her immediately.  But when she didn’t show up for dinner last night, we all figured she went into town.  And I dearly wish she had.

I’m writing on the old computer because the laptop was stolen sometime this morning, along with the scanner, the printer, the hard drive backup, and all of our documents.  Well, most of our documents, I hid the important ones. 

Lane is on her way to Lima to contact the authorities.  Nobody in Trujillo wants to pay attention, but the national police might.  If they don’t, the American Consulate will have to get involved.  They can’t just turn a blind eye when an American citizen gets resurrected.

I don’t understand all of what’s going on here, but I’m well past the point of doubting the undead mummy thing.  So when I read Kim’s post, I knew she was in mortal danger.  The color drained from Segovia’s face when I told him, and he has precious little color to begin with.  He strapped on his guns, and we ran. 

This was early morning, mind you.  The sun was just coming up, but something was off.  The sky was puffy with low clouds.  Little arcs of far-away lightning were snapping all over creation.

This gloppy pyramid is spooky on a good day, and this wasn’t a good day.  The bricks seemed to be pulsating just faintly, like light architectural breathing.  And there was something else wrong – there was a smell coming from inside.  It smelled like candy.  It smelled like those hard nasty sugarless red candies that diabetic old ladies suck on. 

We climbed up to the entrance but Segovia held me back.  I’ve been inside a hundred times.  There’s not much there except for anempty vault, probably a burial chamber for some noble a thousand years ago, but at this point I was deathly afraid of what we might find.  Segovia inched his way inside, and I followed. 

Candles lit the room, hundreds of them.  Little candles, burnt down nearly to the base, they were flickering out one by one.  At the back of the room, a section of wall had been removed.  The adobes were stacked the way an archaeologist would stack them.  I’m pretty sure Kim did it.

More candlelight emanated from behind the wall.  Segovia got his guns out and crept toward the opening in the wall.  I followed.  We heard laughter coming from the other side – Kim’s laughter.  We looked inside and saw her.

She was kneeling in the center of the room, her legs folded underneath her, and she was surrounded by candles.  She was naked.  A line of blood ran along her throat and down between her boobs.  She laughed when she saw us.

I rushed through the wall, but Segovia yanked me back.  I felt something flutter in front of me as I fell back, and I saw it out of the corner of my eye.  It looked kind of like a chimpanzee, but when I tried to get a better look, it faded away.

Segovia called out, but Kim laughed at him.  And every time she laughed, more blood dripped from her throat.  Say what you want, but I love this woman.  I know she doesn’t love me, but that’s not the point.  Nobody hurts my Kim.  I pushed Segovia aside and jumped back through the wall.

That thing was on me in an instant.  It grabbed me by the face and lifted me up.  I suppose I could have tried to break free, but I was petrified.  At that moment I saw it clearly; it was little, like a one-legged dwarf, but not quite human.  It had tiny gold eyes.

I’ve seen this image depicted on pot sherds.  There’s also a painting of one  on the wall at the Inca temple at Pachacamac, but I never imagined it was a real monstrous thing.

The thing grinned at me, revealing a mouth full of crooked razor teeth.  I saw the tumi in its hand, the short round sword favored by the warriors of Peruvian antiquity.  It drew back the tumi to strike me, and Segovia shot it.

The bullet drove it back into the wall.  It screamed, then squeezed itself into a crack in the floor and disappeared, leaving a puddle of festering green sludge that smelled like bargain tripe on a hot day.

“What the hell was that?” I yelled.  Segovia raised his gun at me and pulled the trigger, dropping another one of the things that crept up behind me.  It wiggled through the floor as well, leaving another sludge puddle.

“Muki,” Segovia said.  “There are always four.” 

I turned to Kim and saw another one, another muki, caressing her chin.  It was laughing.  Kim was laughing too.  I started towards her but Segovia pushed me back through the wall.  Then he went for her.

He kept shooting, but this muki was faster, as was its friend.  Segovia switched guns, then grabbed Kim by the hair and dragged her out, shooting all the while.  He didn’t stop until he had pulled her through the wall.

“We’re safe here,” he said.  “The mukis can’t leave the chamber.”  He gestured to the room we had just left.  “This is where the gold was.”

We turned and stared at Kim.  She stood and looked back into that haunted room.  “It’s all gone now,” she said.  “The gold is all gone now.”  Then she threw her head back and laughed, revealing the deep cut along her throat that the rest of her blood now poured from.


Written by williamdoonan

April 6, 2012 at 6:04 pm

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  1. It would seem a predicament has arisen. …..time for HENRY GRAVE to step up to the plate!!!!


    April 7, 2012 at 3:28 am

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