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The Mummies of Blogspace9: Chapter Thirty-Three

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July 21, 2011
Frankfurt, Germany
Cavalcante          http://www.diggirl.blogspace9.ex


I’m not sure what you want me to say, Bruce.  We’re supposed to be engaged, but that doesn’t keep you out of other girls’ beds?  I’m sure she is extraordinary, but it doesn’t matter.  If you’re mine, you’re mine.  Are you still mine?

I’ve had some time to think.  I know we’ve been through a lot, but it’s important that we meet.  I’m coming to see you, Bruce.  We need to talk, but I know we can’t just come out and pick a meeting place.  You are, after all, the most wanted man in Europe. 

We spent last Christmas in Boston.  I’ll never forget it; the snow, the eggnog at your Aunt Ruth’s.  The dinner cruise on the Bay – it all seems like another life, doesn’t it?  But we almost didn’t go to Boston, if you recall.  In fact we were going to go someplace else.  Your old tennis buddy from college, we were going to visit him.  I’m not going to say too much because I don’t want to give it away.  But the name of that city, where your friend lives, references a locale in the city you currently reside in.

I arrived in Frankfurt an hour ago, and I’ll be in Spain in the morning.  Meet me at that place at 9:00 am.  I will look forward to seeing you, Bruce.  We have a lot to discuss.


July 21, 2011
New York, NY
Duran                   http://www.harqubusier.blogspace9.ex

Colleagues, you’ll surely hear of this as soon as the authorities determine what exactly they are dealing with, but let me provide you with some news you may find illuminating.

The cargo ship Parador Joya approached the Spanish port of Malaga last night just after midnight.  Because port authorities had received no radio communications from the vessel, they dispatched not only a harbor pilot boat but also a Civil Guard patrol vessel. 

Recent concerns about smuggling and terrorism have rendered military authorities skittish, and a fast-approaching ship that does not respond to repeated contacts is not normal.  In short, when armed naval soldiers accompanied the harbor pilot onto the vessel, they found not a single living soul.

Captain Alarcon was discovered on the bridge – I suspect that’s how it will be reported by the news agency.  But in fact, my contacts in the shipping industry have privately informed me that most of Captain Alarcon was discovered on the bridge.  The partial remains of seven other crew members were discovered in the ship’s hold, where presumably they had taken unsuccessful refuge from whatever was hunting them.

No cargo was found on board, and one of the life rafts was missing, leading the authorities to conclude that whoever committed these murders disembarked as the ship approached port.

Colleagues, we can countenance no reasonable doubt as to the identity of the perpetrator of these events.  And she is coming your way.  So therefore, am I. 

July 21, 2011
Seville, Spain
Cuellar    http://www.perdido.blogspace9.ex

She’s coming to me, I can feel it.  I can smell her in the summer air.  And I plan to welcome her with the warmest embrace.  I shall love her always.  How long I have waited for another of my kind!  Gumecindo, I don’t know how I will feel about seeing you again.  I will endeavor to be civil, I assure you, but you must promise me – if the girl favors you, you must promise to relinquish her to me immediately. 

July 21, 2011
New York, NY
Duran                   http://www.harqubusier.blogspace9.ex

Vasco, even the most feeble-minded of imbeciles would not naturally conclude that the girl is coming for you.  Now please go ply yourself with some voluminous intoxicating beverage so that you might disabuse yourself of this folly. 

Given that, curiously, I look forward to seeing you, my oldest friend, after all these many centuries.


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