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MedicineLand: Chapter Thirty-Four

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Waking early, around four in the morning to pee as was his habit, Adam started thinking about the undead mice.  Biology was never his strong subject.  A chemist at heart, he loved science but had some major blind spots, biology being one of them, that and the whole thing about undying.

He slipped out, walked down the hall to his apartment and turned on the computer.  It was time to learn.  He grabbed a beer from the refrigerator and spent about an hour looking at genetics web pages before he found a public relations piece from the Sacramento Medical Center.  “Project director, Dr. Julia Beltran, working with a small team of doctors and students is working to uncover the secrets of eternal life,” read the headline.  He remembered the name from his visit to the hospital.  Beltran, that was the name of the nurse he met as well.  Her mother maybe?  An aunt?

Adam read on, learned that Dr. Beltran was working with a gene sequencing robotic supercomputer on loan from the National Institutes of Health.  Adam sat back.  That is what has always been missing in my life, he told himself; a robotic supercomputer.  He wasn’t sure what he would use it for, but it could no doubt spin molecules very fast.  And the robot part, what could he do with that?  Adam wasn’t sure.

“Dr. Julia Beltran,” he read, “is a pioneer is the field of molecular genetics.  Working with her senior students, Dr. Alice Yee, Carson McCannon, and Kathryn Mosely, Dr. Beltran is rapidly working to beat the clock, to beat all of our clocks.”

I am going to need to meet her, Adam thought.  I’m going to need to tell her about my mice.  He got up to find another beer and then moved to one of his favorite porn sites.

“Charisse is a pioneer in the field of group sex,” he mused, as the video streamed in front of him.  “Working with Ted and Buck, she is pushing the limits of…..”  Adam scrolled down.  “Bondage too,” he exclaimed.  “But I’ll bet she doesn’t have a robot.  There’s nothing here about a robot.”

“I’m going to need to meet her,” he told himself, logging off.  “And I’m going to need to meet that doctor too.”  He shut down the computer, turned off the light, and walked back to Celeste’s apartment.

Written by williamdoonan

May 9, 2013 at 5:09 pm

Posted in Fiction, MedicineLand

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