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The Mummies of Blogspace9: Chapter Forty-Three

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July 27, 2011
Seville, Spain
Samples http://www.greatbigLeon.blogspace9.ex

Father Vasco Cuellar pulled it together.  He said a prayer for Sebastiano, his old protegee, as the old priest faded out of the world.  I hope he will find some measure of peace.

Once Cuellar, Duran, and Naya again removed their earplugs (to avoid a similar fate) we returned to the hotel, to Kim, to Baltazar, to the minibar, to make plans for the future.

I’ll be returning to Peru, to that pyramid at Magdalena de Paz.  I’m an archaeologist after all, and what archaeologist doesn’t love a pyramid?  Besides, there’s a muki there I want to learn more about.  I can’t help thinking that we have a lot to know still about these little demon spawns, even if they’re mostly all gone.

Kim won’t be coming with me.  I’m a little broken up about that, I won’t lie.  She’s  going to spend some time in New York with Duran, and that’s OK.  Of all the walking mummies, he’s probably the sanest, and he’s promised to counsel Kim in the way of things, in the way of their kind.  That being said, Kim did assure me she’d visit me over Christmas to pick up where we left off.  For now, I feel blessed.

Also, having split up the money, I’m almost a billionaire, so it’s hard to be too upset about anything.  On the off-chance I need it for spring break or something, I just bought the Gran Melia Colon hotel.  The largest penthouse suite is now my personal apartment, and the minibar is stocked with mescaline.

July 27, 2011
Seville, Spain
Hanson http://www.historyismine.blogspace9.ex

I found it difficult to take, watching Sebastiano leave this world for provinces unknown.  History shows us that any man can change the world, and for what it’s worth, this old priest changed it more than most.  Not only did he feed the poor for two centuries, he helped vanquish some poorly-understood evil that had been lingering for a long time.

For my part, I come away from this reborn.  I’ll mis my mentor Cyrus Sanderson who sold his soul for less than 1% of what I have in my bank accounts.  That was poor judgement, Cyrus.

I’ll miss Laney.  I’ll miss her every time I cook paella and remember the smile on her sexy face.  She made some poor choices, as we mortals sometimes do.  And from time to time I regret letting my current girlfriend eat her.  But dense times demand creative solutions, and in the end, I think Laney would have approved of my resolution.

I will spend the rest of my life with Naya, or as much of it as she allows.  I suspect, given what we’ve learned, that I have many centuries ahead of me.  I’m not immortal as she is, but if Segovia is any indicator, the love of a walking mummy can add not only decades to one’s life, but a spring to one’s step.

For his part, Segovia bid us farewell, kissing Naya’s hand like a gentleman, and leaving his former lover to my great care.  I don’t know what will become of him, but I’m not worried.  Like the rest of us, he’s hugely, ridiculously rich.

The old gypsy Melchor Sacromonte didn’t get much of his gold, but he didn’t fare too badly either.  With close to two billion euros as his take, he fared well.  As chief executive officer and sole owner of Blogspace9, he agreed to extend our service contract indefinitely.  I shook my head at his duplicity, having never imagined his involvement in that end of things, but he only laughed.

“I only wanted the money Queen Isabella promised us,” he told me.  And he got that money, with more than ample interest.

For my part, I’ll stay in Seville with my love.  Naya and I have a wonderful apartment in the Gran Melia Colon, courtesy of Leon Samples.  I have high hopes for my research as a historian.  If you need to find me, look no further than the Bruce Hanson wing of the Archive of the Indies.  We even have an espresso machine.

Rest in peace, Laney.

So that’s all for now.  Signing out here – Bruce Hanson, investigator #00219222.

July 27, 2011
New York, NY
Duran http://www.harqubusier.blogspace9.ex

So here we are.  It is done – our foes vanquished, our objectives met.  I left Spain a richer man than I came, but I was already a rich man, so what of it?

I brought the girl Kim with me, to counsel her, nothing more.  She is young, and there are few guides in this uncharted realm.  I am perhaps the best.  I’m honored too, that my old friend Vasco is with me now at my home in New York.  He’s had a time of it, Vasco has.  The years have not been as kind to him, and I’m eager to make amends on behalf of eternity.

We have hours ahead of us, Vasco and I.  We’ll play some chess, drink fine wine, spend yet more dollars, and perhaps secure the services of a delightful whore or two.  I can’t predict what our adventures will entail, but I can say that I’m weary of wonder.

I don’t know what I am.  I may be, along with Vasco, the girl Kim, Naya perhaps, the last of our kind.  Am I a walking mummy?  Or shall I call myself something else?  I don’t know.  I am Gumecindo Duran.  I have fought bravely, suffered brutally, loved wisely, and lived live beyond any human measure.  And for the first time in centuries, I have people who call me friend.




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